HartLogic gives the opportunity for people like you who are willing to organize the HartLogic Events. These people are called as the HartLogic Organizer. In the spirit of HartLogic vision and mission, “Supporting Entrepreneurs Around The World,” HartLogic program help communities, organizations, and individuals to produce HartLogic-style events at the local level. HartLogic events are planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis, under the licenses from HartLogic.

Organizer Responsibilities

Indeed, you will have some responsibilities once you are ready to become one of HartLogic Organizer such as:

  1. Conduct event at least once per month.
  2. Have a meeting with HartLogic Team at least once per three months.
  3. Be responsible for the activities in the D-day of the events.
  4. Make sure the event is not violating the regulations made by HartLogic and based on the law in Indonesia.
  5. Maintain a good relationship with the parties involved in the event.
  6. Make the concept and implementation.
  7. Give the information about the needs of the event at least one month before the event.

How to Get a HartLogic Organizer License

You must have an event organizer brand and there are two ways of getting a HartLogic Organizer License.

  • Training: Take the training before taking the test for getting the license.
  • Direct: Take the test for getting the license without Training.

Do you want to organize HartLogic Events? Before applying for HartLogic Organizer license please read before you start and send your investment fee receipt to [email protected] with organizer license payment confirmation as the subject.

Digital media is growing so fast, and every single click could be your opportunity. HartLogic Professional Talent strives to help talent in improving their life by create collaboration with another talent, faster the process, simplify paperwork, growing the assets, job management and building a presence within the industry.

Why you should join

  • Optimize Yourself
  • Promote Your Content
  • Education

What will you get

  • Freedom to rent our equipment: We provide our members to rent our equipment that is required to make great videos, free of charge for Star.
  • Get access to job list: as HartLogic partner you could see all of our client’s need, we also simplify the paperwork such as contract, so you can focus to do your job.
  • Partnership and connection: Build your Business Opportunity with us through Endorsement for our Brand partners. You could join our community to increase your connection.
  • Grow your professional life: Get access to our consultant, track & analyze your professional life for more improvements and enjoy free training to develop your skills. We also provide help center to brainstorm your ideas.
  • Full support: You’ll always get support from our awesome HartLogic Team especially handling your future clients. Worry no more with slow response chat or spammy people.


  • Sharer: A person who is ready and willing to share your knowledge, experiences, and skills with others in many different kinds of events. For you who has many experiences as an entrepreneur whether in business or social field, now it’s time to share it with others who want to feel the same experiences as yours or even more. Sharing experience is one of the factors that can bring you into the different stage of yourself. Sharing means two ways of communication in which you are not the only one who will talk but the learners as well. Thus, you may get some new insights into yourself.
    • Motivator: A motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a speaker who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience. Such speakers may attempt to challenge or transform their audiences.
    • Trainer: A trainer is a person who trains people to improve their skills and knowledge by giving a workshop. (Certification of the course taking is a must. A trainer should ever be experiencing the course before delivering it to the learners)
    • Speaker: A speaker is a person who delivers a speech or lecture. Share your experiences and knowledge as an entrepreneur freely with the group in every event made by HartLogic and HartLogic organizers. (Have a presentation skill and effective communication on delivering the topic or ideas)
    • Coach: A Coach is a tutor who gives a private teaching or specialized teaching.
    • Tutor
    • Mentor: The one who is responsible for giving the program materials to mentee based on his/her knowledge, experiences, and guidelines made by HartLogic. You can guide another startup which wants to be as successful as you are by transferring knowledge from HartLogic Modules. Therefore, you involve a journey of creating a startup and guide them who want to build their own startup even from scratch.  (An enterprise practitioner. Have the experience handling, managing and running an enterprise. We are eagerly welcoming people to join HartLogic. No need to worry about the qualification, the most important aspect that we are going to see is in the interview session.)
  • Helper
    • MC: A master of ceremonies, abbreviated M.C., also called compère and announcer, is the official host of a ceremony, a staged event or similar performance.
    • Moderator: Moderator is a person whose role is to act as a neutral participant in a debate or discussion, holds participants to time limits and trying to keep them from straying off the topic of the questions being raised in the debate. Sometimes moderators may ask questions intended to allow the debate participants to fully develop their argument in order to ensure the debate moves at pace. (Have a background knowledge and experiences upon the discussion that will be delivered. A moderator should know well about the topic and know how to facilitate the run of the discussion)
    • Observer: An observer is a person who watches, record, track or notices of events.
    • Facilitator: A facilitator is someone who engages in the activity of facilitation. They help a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives; in doing so, the facilitator remains “neutral” meaning he/she does not take a particular position in the discussion. Some facilitator tools will try to assist the group in achieving a consensus on any disagreements that preexist or emerge in the meeting so that it has a strong basis for future action.
    • Counselor: A counselor is a person who counsels and giving advise.
  • Crew
    • Videographer: A videographer is usually a camera operator of a professional video camera, sound, and lighting. As part of a typical electronic field production (EFP) television crew.
    • Photographer: a person who makes photographs.
    • Live Publication Specialist: Doing live report event, by live tweet, live Instagram, Instastories, and other media.
    • Fashion Stylist: to help clients achieve their desired looks by aiding them in the selection of personal style items, such as clothes and shoes. Personal stylists must identify a client’s tastes, activities, body type and desired image in order to tailor a look to each client’s needs
    • Makeup artist: is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, filmmaking, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling industry.
    • Hair Stylist: A person who does creative styling of coiffures.
    • Sound Specialist: A live sound technician manages audio equipment, such as a mixing board, during indoor or outdoor events and live performances at such locations as sports arenas,  theaters or lecture halls. A technician is responsible for sound checks, equipment placement, volume and quality of sound
    • Lighting Specialist: Lighting technicians are responsible for the movement and set up of various pieces of lighting equipment for separation of light and shadow or contrast, depth of field or visual effects. Lighting Technicians may also lay electrical cables, wire fixtures, install color effects or image patterns, focus the lights, and assist in creating effects or programming sequences.
    • FoH: FoH (Front of House) Specialist is responsible for greetings visitors/ guests/ participants, also manage the attendance list, merchandise (optional), and others.
    • Vendor Specialist: managing vendor
    • Equipment Specialist: Providing all the equipment needed for the event
    • Security Specialist: Maintain security during the event
    • Permit Specialist: Handle the event permissions
    • First Aid: Manage all First Aid needs
  • Influencer
    • Vlogger: Video
    • Plogger: Photo
    • Blogger: Blog
  • Performer
    • Dancer
    • Singer
    • Comedian


  • Put ” @HartLogic Professional Talent ” on social media.
  • Set your contact person to @HartLogic (Line), [email protected] (Email), +62813 1711 6344 (Tel).
  • Clients who want to hire talent must be through HartLogic customer center (email, telephone, [email protected]).
  • Keep the integrity and professionalism of HartLogic.
  • Join HartLogic personal development events and program.
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